Best Local Beer: Jomax Oatmeal Stout At Wren House Brewing

FROM BEST OF AZ CENTRAL: This terrific little brewery set in a 1922 house features a clean design with white subway tile, a wood-topped bar and tables. The creative beer menu features the delicious Jomax Oatmeal Stout, made with Ethiopian beans roasted at the local Press Coffee.

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The 10 Best Breweries In Arizona, Ranked

FROM THRILLIST: The award-winning custom beers coming out of Downtown Phoenix's newest brewery, Wren House Brewing -- formerly Westward -- have won over The Valley's brewheads. The brewery is less than a year old, but age is just a number. This place has tons of potential to earn a top spot among Phoenix-area breweries.

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4 new and coming-soon Phoenix-area breweries

FROM DRAFT: TThe weeks-old central Phoenix brewery was formerly known as Westward Brewing until a pesky trademark lawsuit from a West Coast distillery forced the name change. No matter, though; the brewery's tanks and taproom are up and running, currently pouring four Wren House beers including my favorite, Black Caddis Porter, and the aromatic ginger pale ale Jomax.

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Wren House Brewing (formerly Westward) opens Friday in Phoenix

FROM MXSW: The Valley's newest brewery, which renamed itself this week after having trademark issues with its original moniker, is located on 24th Street about halfway between McDowell and Thomas

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Wren House Brewing Co. in Central Phoenix Will Open Later This Summer - Here's a Peek Inside

FROM NEW TIMES: It feels like it's about 120 degrees with at least 80 percent humidity in the room as head brewer Preston Thoeny begins to boil the first IPA at Wren House Brewing Co. Sweat is inevitable, and the pungent, sour smell of hops and oats floods the increasingly hard-to-breathe air. Stepping out into Phoenix's 95-degree May weather feels refreshing.

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We think creating great beer is like cooking great food. There is a fine point where flavors are just right and it requires a deft hand in balancing those flavors. Our award-winning beers are a testament to that. Delicate, full-flavored balances that leave your taste buds happy, excited and perplexed are on the way.

We brew what inspires us. We are going to have a number of off-the-wall, locally inspired seasonals and a whole slew of barrel aged beers. Nothing is off long as it tastes good

AZ Beer Fest - Specialty Category

- Silver For Ginger Pale Ale

AZ Beer Fest - American IPA Category

- Silver For Dry-Hopped IPA

Just a few guys with a passion for great beer.
Quality - Every minute of every day we strive to make our beer the best. The process starts well before the raw materials are at our door. Our brewer, Preston works like a master chef/mad scientist in balancing malt, hop and yeast character months before we even order the ingredients.

Community - Being born and raised in Arizona, we are passionate about our community. Let's not kid ourselves either, downtown has come a long way and we want to keep that progress going.

Exploration - We look locally and internationally for our inspiration. Whether it's southwestern ingredients from our back yard or unique spices, coffees and malts from Asia, Africa and Europe...we will never stop exploring.